Family Support Programmes

Aspire Foundation is committed to working with families

Aspire Foundation is committed to working with families to ensure children have the best possible start in life and throughout their childhood.

As part of our services, we offer a range of group work programmes for both adults and children including preparing for parenthood, Solihull parenting, support around Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and Healthy Relationships.

The ‘Bump Start’ group

The ‘Bump Start’ group will support you in preparing for the arrival of your new baby. You will learn new skills and meet other parents to be.

Sessions are weekly and cover:

Week 1: Support, feelings & baby’s development

Week 2: Health, lifestyles & your changing body

Week 3: What you will need & basic baby care

Week 4: Feeding & Communication

Week 5: Relaxation & bonding with your baby

Week 6: What next - Tips & moving on

The ‘Best Start’ group

The ‘Best Start’ group aims to build on the skills you already have. You will increase your knowledge about child development, meet other parents and have some fun with your new baby.

Sessions are weekly and cover:

Week 1: Baby development & playing with your baby

Week 2: Oral Health & Feeding

Week 3: Wellbeing & Bonding

Week 4: Understanding your baby

Week 5: Home safety

Week 6: Baby Massage

Solihull Parenting

The Solihull Parenting Programme is for parents and carers of children aged 0 —18 years old. The programme supports parents in building positive and responsive relationships with their children.

Topics covered include:

  • Tuning into your child

  • Exploring feelings

  • Parenting styles

  • Communication

  • Temper tantrums

  • Sleep patterns

  • Behavioural difficulties

Family Time

We run Family Time sessions at each of our Children and Family Centres, providing opportunities for children and their families to socialise, learn and play with others. A wide range of activities to promote development and interaction is on offer each week including arts and crafts, messy play and outdoor fun in our play areas. A Community Family worker is available for support or advice on a range of topics e.g. toilet training, sleep and routines, weaning, behaviour and much more.

Young Carers

We are commissioned by Gloucestershire Young Carers (YCG) to run the Cheltenham Junior Young Carers Group who meet weekly at our Oakwood Centre to offer children opportunities to socialise, make friends, gain peer support and take part in some structured activities. We are also pleased to be part of a GYC steering group, as it starts a “Kids Time” pilot from our Brockworth centre.

Baby Hubs

If you are a parent to be or have a young child you can join our baby hubs to meet your midwife, have your baby weighed, get advice from your health visitor on your baby’s health and development and join fun activities with your toddler and our community family workers.

Steps Ahead include:

Groups and support for families with children born between March 2020 and March 2022
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Day Children &   Family Centre Location Telephone Time
Monday Oakwood Clyde Crescent,   Cheltenham, GL52 5QH 01242 513010 10.00 - 11.30
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Wednesday Brockworth Moorfield Road,   Brockworth, GL3 4JL 01452 863617 13.00 - 14.30
Thursday Noah's Ark York Road, Tewkesbury   GL20 5HU 01684 276361 13.00 - 14.30

Adult, Child & Young Person's ACE's Recovery Toolkit

What are ACEs?

Adverse Childhood Experiences or ACEs are stressful or traumatic experiences that occur before the age of 18 and are remembered throughout adulthood. These experiences may include abuse or neglect which maybe directly experienced or witnesses by the individual.

It is recommended that The Children and Young People ACEs Recovery Toolkit program runs simultaneously with the Adult ACEs Recovery Tool kit as they share many of the same therapeutic models and where possible helps parents and children talk, support and understand trauma, toxic stress and adverse childhood experiences and how this may affect you in later years.

The Adult ACEs Recovery Toolkit

The Adult ACEs Recovery Toolkit is suitable for individuals and couples and can be run in mixed or single gender groups. It also provides guidance on the protective factors that help ameliorate the impact of ACEs and practical methods for parents to develop the resilience they need for themselves and their children.

The course is run over the 10 weeks topics covered are:

  • Understanding and living with ACE’s

  • Understanding toxic stress and    strategies to manage it

  • Developing parental resilience

  • Understanding attachment

  • Nurturing parenting styles

  • Managing emotions

  • Developing strategies to reduce the potential impact of ACE’s on children

The Children and Young People ACEs Recovery Toolkit

The children and young people ACEs Recovery Toolkit has been written for any individual or agency working with children who are living with, or have lived within, households and communities where there are significant events that mean they are experiencing high levels of emotional trauma and able to take part in a group. The course focus is to provide information and education that enable the child or young person to develop resilience to cope with adversity they have experienced and may do so in the future.

The course is run over 8 weeks and topics covered are:

  • Toxic Stress

  • Emotional regulation

  • Connectedness

  • Coping strategies

  • Problem solving

  • Self-Esteem

  • Self-Care


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